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日本政府の非人道的決定からこどもを守れ!署名/Save children from Japanese gov's inhumane resolution


for English users:

Call for Petition: Save children from Japanese gov's inhumane
resolution on radiation exposure measures

Due on April 25th in Japan time (12 hours from now?) but, later is, I
think fine.

Green Action Japan, Greenpeace Japan, Citizen's Nuclear Information
Center, Organization to Think Aging Fukushima Nuclear Plants, Osaka
Organization to Protest Mihama, Ooi, Takahama Nuclear Power Plants'
and International Enviromental NGO For Japan are organizing to call
for action, and your participation in petition.

If you are not familiar with who are those folks organizing this
action, read logs by Organization to Think of Aging Fukushima Nuclear

From the petition statement, the main concerns and the actions of the
collective is : "Japanese government operate itself too inhumane,
especially for children in Japan. They constantly raise the level of
radiation that a child can be "safely" exposed to. This time, it
announced the capacity is 20 mSv per a year. This is also promoted by
the Ministry of Education. 20 mSv/ year is equal to the amount that a
labor at the reactor may have a leukimia, and may obtain legal work
arrangement. Also, 20mSv is the legal limit of exposure for a worker
in Germany. We demand that Japanese government 1) withdraw this false
statement about 20mSv, and 2) disclose who are the researchers and
professionals involved in decision making, analysis, and actualization
of this evil statement. "

Follow the red lettered description, and fill out the petition here:
Japanese government is raising radiation permissible exposure
standards for children twenty-fold from 1mSv/year to 20mSv/year.