This is often the case with newcomers to Bitcoin, investing in Bitcoin is no different than investing in gold or dollars or the stock market. However, the virtual currency market in general and Bitcoin in particular is a new investment trend and of course if you pick up the trend then the opportunity to make money is always wider before it gets saturated. There is a huge potential risk, of course, of any market so high profits are always accompanied by high risk, you should be aware of this from the very beginning.

is Bitcoin a sure win?

Bitcoin is not a scam or multi-level(ponzi scheme), it's a completely transparent form of investment, but there are some "coin" that are multi-level, fraudulent. I say this for you to understand, because in the current digital money market there are more than 2,000 different types of coin and Bitcoin is just one of the 2,000 coin, the remaining coin is called Altcoin (the wallet). eg, Ethereum, Bitcoin cash, Dash, Zcash, Iota, NEO, ..), each coin is created by one person or group or company and each coin serves a different array. Banking, payment, health care, music, insurance, games, gambling, education, the environment, and so on. There are still some coin that do not serve any benefit to the community. and everything that seems to be not as transparent as BitConnect?, a multi-level hacker and a scam has been hacked in the recent past.

Bitcoin is a major currency and is the intermediate unit to switch between the different coin, dubbed the "king" in the coin village. Bitcoin is currently accepted by many countries as a valid and dependable currency to develop various useful applications and services. Its current market capitalization is more than $ 200 billion and it is a potential currency for future investment, no fraud or multi-level. And whether "investing Bitcoin" is not the decision you make.


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